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It all began…

Fernando Pessoa II
Once, I read a poem by Fernando Pessoa, one of the greatest Portuguese poets, who influenced my way of traveling. We wrote: “After all, the best way to travel is to feel. To feel everything in every way”.

Was always with this inspiration that I made my trips. Always with the desire to go further, to discover and experience the genuine aspects of each place.

I chose the places and dreamed about them, preparing every trip so I could make the most of each day. For me, traveling has become a real experience and passion.

As a passionate about my country and its culture, I started thinking: why not help all those who wishes to visit my country, making their travel dreams come true, by helping them to experience the best of my country’s culture.

To discover a little more about our identity.

That’s when I combined my love for traveling with the passion for my country, and started to create personalized itineraries, designed to satisfy each one’s taste, with the mission of making each trip an unique experience.

Custom itineraries that allows the traveler to see Portugal as a Portuguese, going beyond the ordinary tourist guides and feel the unique culture of my country.

Portugal has so much to offer … despite being a relatively small country, from north to south there is always so much to see, to visit and specially … to feel!

Let’s make it real…

what we do

With the aim to share with you the best of Portuguese culture, we started by creating cultural experiences, where you could truly experience the best of the Portugal’s culture.

We traveled the country looking for artisans, farmers, potters, painters, basket weavers, cooks, geologists, historians, photographers, bakers, etc., always local people, true ambassadors of each region of Portugal. Anyone better than them, to show you the best of each region.

That’s how cultural experiences were born, designed for small groups, ensuring exclusivity and the attention necessary so you could enjoy the Portuguese culture.

After feedback from some clients, we realize that travelers yearn for more and better travel experiences. They are tired of the traditional packages and value this genuine and real contact with local people. So, we decided to extend our concept to the whole process of preparing a trip.

We launched the concept of travel packages Self-Drive and Be My Guest. Travel plans, carefully designed, to give you the best travel experience in Portugal.

The best accommodations are chosen considering the availability and price. Itineraries are designed to your needs, according to your preferences and tastes. Will be accompanied by a Local Host, who will guide you and advise you in order to have a traditional and authentic Portuguese experience.

Whatever kind of experience you choose, what makes us truly happy, is knowing that when you leave Portugal, you’ll carry a piece of us!

5 Reasons to choose us

razoes para escolher


 We believe that living is to experience: Our offer reflects the essence and genuine aspects of Portuguese culture, where participants are invited to discover the best of Portugal through experience and interaction.


 We want to promote and develop Portuguese culture: From the nature, through art and culture and not forgetting the legacy of history, we have a range of activities that will enrich their cultural holidays.


 We intend to show the real Portugal: Each region has its landmark, its typical gastronomy, its characteristic craft, its own identity.


 We are always available: Anytime you need, we are here to guide and help you in whatever you need.


 We are completely adaptable: All our suggested vacation packages, tours and experiences are customizable to your needs.


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